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How to Choose the Right Goggles for Any Condition

Triathlon is infamous for being a gear-heavy sport. From wetsuits to swimskins to sunglasses, helmets, bike shoes, running shoes—the list of products you’ll use on race day goes on and on. But there’s one piece of gear that often goes overlooked, tossed in your transition bag without a second thought: the goggle. They’re all pretty much the same, right?


Picking the right goggle for your race is a science unto itself—and we’re here to demystify it so you can slide into the water confident on race day, ready to unlock the swim you know you’re capable of.


Finding a goggle that fits snugly on your face but doesn’t leave you with raccoon eyes can take some trial and error. Beyond just fitting your eye sockets well, the size of the goggle’s gasket will impact your range of sight. For example, pool swimming calls for a lower profile to reduce drag, which generally means a smaller frame like our F1. Open water, meanwhile, demands the widest field of view possible while staying on your face through variable conditions. The R1 was purpose-built for sighting in open water—the top frame of the goggle accommodates a retroscopic lens angle, which radically opens the forward field of view. Alternately, the X1 features a super soft gasket and our largest frame size—perfect if you value comfort above all else.

Different bodies of water—as well as the surrounding landscape—call for different lens tints in order to sight quickly and accurately.

Regardless of which frame you choose, our entire line blocks 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC & harmful blue light up to 380 nm while reducing glare and protecting the eyes. All of our lenses also include hydrophobic coating to reduce surface tension for hydrodynamics and all-new anti-fog coating.


Swimming at Santa Rosa? Racing amidst Red Rock? Looking for a PR at Lake Placid? Different bodies of water—as well as the surrounding landscape—call for different lens tints in order to sight quickly and accurately. Our SPCTRM™ optics collection is literally built for every race, every condition—whether it’s pre-dawn darkness, fog, haze, transition light, glare and bright sun or natural and urban racing environments.

Each goggle is offered in 12 proprietary lens tints to help match your goggles with your environment for optimal performance; once you’ve found the goggle that best fits your face shape, try out a few different options and bring them with you on race day so you can ensure you’re locked and loaded on the buoys. You’ll thank us when you’re able to sight those unexpectedly yellow buoys by utilizing the jade mirror tint you tossed into your bag—trust us.

 How to choose the right goggles for open water