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November 7th

The Extra Hour

Don’t Fall Back. Move Forward.
Take your Extra Hour back from Daylight Saving Time. Scroll down for exclusive access to pro-level insight and make Nov. 7th the best day of the year.

Spend Your Extra Hour With the Best

These are some of the best athletes in our community and they’re here to help you have one of the best days of your year.

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@IAMTEDKING | 2x Unbound champion

Visualize your opportunity for growth

After crashing and breaking his elbow at Big Sugar two weeks ago Ted King plans to spend his Extra Hour resting and focusing on the year ahead. If you’ve been pushing yourself or recently encountered an injury like Ted did, it’s important to take a moment to breathe and visualize where you’re going next. Ted’s list is a great example of how to map out your headspace now and use it to find out where you want to take your future self. Try a similar exercise for yourself and see where it takes you.

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Spend your Extra Hour with Ted King


Rest is the last phase of a training cycle. It’s where the hard work, the grit, the intensity, and the drive finally pay off. It’s not until you let your body rest and recover that true gains are made. Despite its importance, it is often the easiest form of training to overlook.

My goal visualization process is a slow simmer—I’m constantly thinking about my goals and letting ideas percolate. And when you’re already resting it’s all the more valuable to take this time to reflect, discover your internal drive, and visualize ways to hone your strengths and work all the harder to improve your weaknesses.

My Extra Hour Plan

  • REST.
  • Recuperate.
  • Spend time with Hazel and Lauren.
  • Don’t think about my elbow.
  • Don’t think about what I might be missing.
  • Think about the year ahead.
  • Think about the fitness to be gained.
  • Start lighting the fire for 2022...
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@lucycharles93 | Fastest IRONMAN Swimmer on the Planet

Adding Strength to Swimming

The benefits of great, consistent workouts go without saying. Lucy has put together a strength-focused workout to help you find more confidence in the water. Check out her plan below.

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Spend your Extra Hour with Lucy Charles-Barclay


I have always been a massive fan of swim strength training away from the pool to complement all of the hard work done inside the pool. It is vital to improving your ability to hold your body position in the water and improve your technique and reduce drag.

I hope you enjoy the benefits a session like the workout included can bring and that you can continue to progress through levels of the workout to challenge yourself to improve.

My Extra Hour Plan

If any of these exercises are new to you then check out this video to get some pointers and tips from my recent lockdown series.


6 minute cardio warm-up and 4 minute stretching and balance work

Swimmers (no kick):

beginner 3 x 6, 60-second break, intermediate 3 x 10, 60-second break

Swimmers with kicks:

these are advanced ones 3 x 10, 60-second break

Spiderman on knees:

beginner 3 x 6, 90-second break, intermediate 3 x 10, 90-second break

Spiderman press-ups full:

these are advanced 3 x 10, 90-second break

Ab wheels:

all levels 3 x 10 but beginners should NOT stretch out as far, tension should be on core, not the lower back, 60-second rest

Hamstring curls:

beginner 3 x 6, 60 second rest, intermediate & advanced 3 x 10, 60-second rest

Flutter kicks:

hand under to support, pointed toes, sprints: beginners 3 x 30 seconds even pace, 30-second rest, intermediate 3 x 45 seconds, 30-second rest even pace, advanced 3 x 60 seconds, 30-second rest and a 10 second sprint in the middle of the 60-second effort

Swim pull on the ball:

this is quite advanced as a move, 3 x 8 reps (a full rep is left then right arm, or both together) building up to 3 x 12 full reps, 60-second rest

Upper body twist on the ball:

Start going to one side at a time, then 180 degrees, then attach a cord to pull against. Beginner 3 x 6, 60-second rest one side, then change to the other side. Intermediate 3 x 10 full 180 swings, 60-second rest, advanced 3 x 10 with a cord pull

Chair cord pulls:

same as above

One leg RDL:

beginner 3 x 6, 60-second rest, intermediate 3 x 10, 60-second rest, advanced 3 x 10, 30-second rest

One leg speed skaters:

beginner 3 x 6, 60-second rest, intermediate 3 x 10, 60-second rest, advanced 3 x 10, 30-second rest

Wall ball twists:

beginner 3 x 6, 60-second rest, intermediate 3 x 10, 60-second rest, advanced 3 x 10, 30-second rest


This is a hard session so treat your body kindly stretch and do a little light cardio to cool down

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@TIMKENNEDYMMA | Decorated Green Beret & Retired UFC Fighter

The Fantastic 50

Building a foundation of strength and power is a much-needed asset for staying active. For his Extra Hour, Tim is focused on using a consistent routine and working to get a little bit better every single day. Check out his workout below and add to your capacity.

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Spend your Extra Hour with TIM KENNEDY


Alright so you got an extra hour of life on daylight savings. What are you going to do with that hour?

I always want to be a little bit better every single day. I want strength, but I want strength for days. I want to be powerful, but I want to be powerful forever. So I do what I call a fantastic 50. Sometimes it’s called the filthy 50. But on a glorious, fantastic day where I get an extra hour of light in my life, I’m going to do the fantastic 50. It should take you 50 minutes, or an hour total.

This is one of those high-capacity high-volume workouts that you just have to grind. So enjoy your hour and enjoy the suffering.

My Extra Hour Plan

The Fantastic 50

  • 50 Kcal bike
  • 50 Kcal rower
  • 50 Kcal ski erg
  • 50 toes-2-bar
  • 50 HS push-ups
  • 50 pull-ups
  • 50 get-ups
  • 50 kettlebell swings
  • 5 minute of plank and 5 minutes of abs (alternating every minute)
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@linseycorbin | 8x IRONMAN Champion

Recover. Reflect. Reward.

It’s important to find a recovery schedule that fits your needs. For Linsey, it’s a three-pronged approach—physical recovery, debriefing, and reward. Check out her insights on this process below.

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Spend your Extra Hour with LINSEY CORBIN


My extra hour is extra special this year as it's my first official day of a well-earned off-season. Having raced Ironman Florida on Saturday, it's safe to say I earned this extra hour. I plan to use it recovering, reflecting & rewarding myself.

My Extra Hour Plan


My favorite way to recover after an Ironman is going for a hot tub or an easy swim to flush the legs out. I will follow that up by eating some good food and enjoying a nice walk on the beach with my husband, Chris.


On the trip home, I will likely start to reflect on my 2021 race season. I am a big fan of journaling and writing things down. I will make a list of the highs and the lows. Embracing what went well, and learning where I can improve.


Once back home in Bend, Oregon, I plan on rewarding myself. I love to take the extra time spending time in the kitchen as well as indulging in some of my favorite outdoor adventures such as snow hikes & skiing.

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Katie Zaferes

@Kzaferes6 | 2x Olympic Medalist & World Champion

Output Meets Input

Katie is taking her Extra Hour and using it to make her workout something special—traveling to one of her favorite running spots even though it’s typically too far away for her normal routine and capping off her day by spending time with family and friends. Check out her insights on how to combine output (sweat) and input (inspiration).

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Spend your Extra Hour with Katie Zaferes

FROM Katie:

I’d encourage people to make their workouts special for their Extra Hour by going to a place they love or even doing a destination run to or from somewhere. Be really aware of what makes you happy in training so that when you’re tired or feeling over it, you have some go-to actions that will make it more fun and decrease the feeling of resistance towards it.

My Extra Hour Plan

  • Drive somewhere out of my normal area to go for a run — Wilder Ranch State Park for me (one of my favorite places to run).
  • I’ll be doing a 45-minute to 65-minute run. With some optional strides (sprints) at the end to start adding in some turnover. 6-8 x 15 seconds.
  • Spend time with family and friends.
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@francheskafit | Personal Trainer & Performance Specialist

Sleep. Move. Create.

For a lot of us, we get caught up in what we’re doing throughout the day and often overlook some of the most important ways we can spend our time. Sleeping. Moving. And Creating. These elements are essential to balancing out our days. Check out some of Francheska’s tips below to add some more activities like these to your daily routine.

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Spend your Extra Hour with Francheska Martinez

FROM francheska:

This is how I look at sleep, movement, and creativity:


Restoring the body and taking time to properly rest and recover.


Having an active lifestyle where we incorporate movement and exercise into our lifestyle.


Combining an element of discipline and play into my work to enrich others' movement/training.

Right now I am undergoing a life transition, and getting settled into a new routine and home. Therefore I have been spending a lot of extra time the past few weeks planning and organizing, which has taken away from me getting as much sleep as I usually do. Right now, this is the biggest thing I need to balance from the list above. Moving forward, I hope to feel more refreshed and rested with the additional hour of rest!

My Extra Hour Plan

Some tips to try:

  • When it comes to sleep, try waking up and going to sleep at the same time every day. You can use today’s extra hour as your starting point for this. (Creating routines and rituals around your sleep, movement, and creativity is essential!)
  • Try to focus on consistency instead of intensity when it comes to movement, and especially creativity.
  • One of the easiest ways to add in more movement daily is to create a schedule where you balance disciplined exercise (1-2 times a week for beginners) with activities that you enjoy! As a fitness coach, I find that most of us take exercise too seriously, start small with an activity that you're already familiar with or are curious to learn more about!
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