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ROKA Maverick Pro - Javier Gomez

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the difference between the Maverick Pro and the Maverick Elite?

There are 2 bigger differences as well as a number of smaller differences. There are also a lot of similarities. The 2 bigger differences are:

  1. Shoulder flexibility - The Pro has slightly greater shoulder flexibility due to the use of #40 neoprene in the upper portion of the suit, vs. #39 in the Elite. #40 stretches to 620% before breaking, and #39 stretches to 520%, so there is a slight difference in feel.  However, the Elite is still extremely flexible compared to competitors due to our unique panel construction and the use of an ultrastretch liner with 1.5mm thickness throughout the chest, upper back, shoulders, armpit, and arms.  Brandon Marsh won the 2013 IM Mt. Tremblant swim in the Maverick Elite, because we didn't have a Pro suit in his size at that time, and he said the Elite was great and didn't offer any noticeable shoulder restriction.
  2. Centerline buoyancy (RS2) - The Pro has more accentuated centerline buoyancy to enable side-to-side rotation. Both suits have 5mm centerline buoyancy panels; however, the Pro also has 1.5mm rotational speed stripes (RS2) running the length of the hips and legs, while the Elite only has centerline buoyancy in the chest and torso, with uniform thickness in the hips and legs.  These panels help your suit get out of your way so you're not "fighting your suit," and the result is more powerful and more efficient rotation.

Q: What are the key similarities between the Maverick Elite and the Maverick Pro?

Q: Should I get a fullsuit or sleeveless wetsuit?

Q: What size should I wear?

Q: Can I still return/exchange my suit if I have swum in it?

Q: What is the difference between the SIM Pro and the SIM Elite?

There are 2 main differences: 

  1. The Pro is an exact copy of our Maverick Pro Fullsuit pattern, while the Elite is a copy of our Elite pattern.  The Pro uses slightly more flexible material and a slightly nicer liner.  Because of this, when an athlete is between sizes we recommend that they size down if they are getting the SIM Pro and size up if they are getting the SIM Elite.
  2. The Pro has rotational speed stripes (RS2), or centerline buoyancy, to help the suit get out of your way for side-to-side rotation in the water.

Q: Can I wear the SIM in a race?

Q: What is the difference between the Viper Pro and the Viper Elite?

Q: How can I unzip my Viper without a lanyard?