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Spring ‘21

Best Athletes.

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Our Spring 2021 lookbook is inspired by a few incredible athletes from our hometown of Austin, Texas, and many more around the world. Whether it’s a sweaty yoga flow, an intense bodyweight strength training series, sprints on a track or a bike ride through the streets of L.A., these athletes know how to push themselves to the limit—so we ask them to push our eyewear to the limits, too, to ensure they’ll stand up to any challenge.

Kendra Chambers

During a ROKA Field Test, Chambers puts Falcon Titanium to the test in 104-degree temperatures.

“It’s always been impossible for me to find glasses that can hang with me on long runs on trails or fast sprints on the track, until I found ROKA. I like to actually look and feel good while I’m getting ready for a race, and these sunglasses do that and so much more.”

— Kendra Chambers

Kendra Chambers

Kendra Chambers is a 12x All-American, a professional USA Track & Field athlete in the 800 meters, an Olympic hopeful currently working toward a spot at the Tokyo Olympics and an athlete advocate.

Trey Hardee

During a weight lifting session at the ROKA Performance Lab, Olympic silver medalist Trey Hardee sports versatile prescription Rory frames in Matte Black.


Trey Hardee is an Olympic silver medalist in the decathlon. Hardee, who lives in our hometown of Austin, Texas, nabbed that medal with an inspiring performance at the London 2012 games. Also an entrepreneur and small business owner, Hardee squeezes in workouts while raising his three children with his wife, Chelsea.

“ROKA makes the only glasses I've ever forgotten that I'm wearing. These days, my kids, my job and my workout routine keep me pretty busy—my Bartons are perfect... I absolutely love them!“


Francheska Martinez

Francheska Martinez’s strength training demands eyewear that stays in place. During a high kick, Martinez sports prescription Booker frames in Clear.

“They’re super lightweight, and they never slip, so no matter what I’m doing, they’ll stay on my face. Plus, they’re super stylish.”

— Francheska Martinez

Francheska Martinez

Francheska Martinez is a self-described “movement enthusiast.” The personal trainer and performance specialist has built a global Instagram following thanks to her gravity-defying strength routines. Martinez infuses her challenging-meets-fun bodyweight training with elements of ballet, modern dance and Animal Flow.

Through squats, twists and kettlebell windmills, Martinez’s Booker frames never slip.

Tim Kennedy

Lifting a barbell, Kennedy wears Zilker in Gloss Black with Gold Mirror lenses. Zilker features our patented GEKO™ no-slip grip, meaning your frames will never slide off your face.

Tim Kennedy

Tim Kennedy is an entrepreneur, former UFC fighter and a Special Forces Sniper who demands all-day protection, precision and performance to execute land and airborne operations. A former professional mixed martial arts fighter, Kennedy knows what it means to move—and move fast.

“My gear can’t fail—I need professional grade stuff—and I literally jump out of planes in these things all the time. Plus, I never have to choose performance over style. They're awesome.

— TIM Kennedy

Kaley Klasson

“I live in my ROKA sunglasses! I spend most of my time on a yoga mat or exploring the outdoors, so it’s great to have eyewear that is stylish, slip-proof and so lightweight.”


Kaley Klasson

Kaley Klasson is an Austin, Texas-based yoga instructor who is passionate about making the practice personal and accessible. She also loves to hike, bike and swim.

L to R: Klasson moves through a series of yoga poses and stretches, putting Mallorca, Zilker, and Oslo through the ringer.

Justin Williams

On a recent ride, Legion of LA co-founder Justin Williams tests the daring Matador in Gloss White with a HC Fusion Mirror lens. The frame is designed to perfectly accommodate most bike helmets.

“Criterium racing is incredibly intense—we often hit speeds of 30+ mph, so having sunglasses with incredible optics that never budge off your face is critical to our performance. Plus, Legion likes to look good, too—ROKA checks all the boxes.“


Justin Williams

Justin Williams is an 11x U.S. national champion and leads the Legion of LA cycling team with a bold vision for the future of the sport. In addition to making cycling more diverse and inclusive, he also hopes to attract more eyes to professional cycling in the United States.

L to R: Williams wear tests Matador in Fluoro with a Teal Mirror lens and in Gloss White with a Gold MIrror lens as he rips around the streets of Los Angeles.