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Men's Gen. I SIM Pro Shorts

Neoprene Buoyancy Short

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Train Like You Race¨ With the SIM Pro

The SIM is the first practical triathlon and swim training tool to mimic the body position and experience of a wetsuit swim by lifting you up Ñ without overheating from wearing a wetsuit in an 80¡F degree pool. This patent-pending suit is a game changer. It's better than a pull buoy, because it lets you kick and turn naturally. It's also gives just a touch of warmth for those cold morning workouts. The SIM makes every swim a race-specific training workout. Once you try it, you won't ever want to go back. Note, these shorts are designed for the pool and should have excellent durability if you rinse them after use with fresh water and dry them thoroughly.


Fit tip: SIM Shorts are neoprene and will loosen slightly in the water. However, they do have a drawcord for adjustment.

Size Waist (in.) Waist (cm)
Extra Small (XS) < 28 in. < 71 cm
Small (S) 28-30 71-76
Medium (M) 31-33 78-84
Large (L) 34-36 86-91.5
Extra Large (XL) 36-38 91.5-96.5
Extra Extra Large (XXL) 38+ 96.5+


SIM Pro ShortGet the Fastest Body Position

The SIM Pro lifts up your hips just like a wetsuit, putting you in the fastest position possible and helping your body develop the muscle memory you need on race day. Most top wetsuit manufacturers focus on buoyancy alone.Ê Sure, wetsuits help lift you up, but that's not enough Ð and in some cases it can really get in the way of fast swimming. To get the fastest body position, you have to remove buoyancy, mass and resistance from the places you don't want it. With the SIM Pro, we add buoyancy to the hips and legs, creating the fastest position possible.Ê We also use Yamamoto's SCS coating to further reduce form drag.Ê We're confident you'll feel the ROKA difference as soon as you jump in the water.

Improve Your Technique

If you want to swim faster with less effort, then rotation matters a LOT.Ê A fast freestyle requires effective rotation along your centerline to generate power and speed in the most propulsive phase of your stroke.Ê The Maverick Pro leverages basic laws of physics.Ê We call our application of those laws "RS2" - the ROKA Speed Stripes.Ê It's science, and it will make you faster.

The majority of the suits on the market get this problem dead wrong.Ê We did a LOT of trial and testing to get this right. ÊMany suits, even the most expensive, add buoyancy to the lateral or outside parts of a wetsuit, but using basic physics, it's easy to see that is is the equivalent of adding weights to your cycling shoes and pedals!Ê It inhibits the power phase of your stroke, makes it really hard for you to rotate properly, and makes you expend more energy.Ê Our patent-pending suit design enhances the power phase of your stroke and encourages quick, easy rotation along your centerline.Ê And if you over-rotate when you swim, you will be able to feel that more easily in our suit. ÊAll of that translates to faster swimming with less effort.

Tech Specs

Yamamoto Neoprene

For the SIM Pro, we use the exact same materials as its big brother, the Maverick Pro Wetsuit.ÊThis provides the exact feel you'll have on race day. "Training Like You Race" begins with developing precise muscular and neurological adaptations Ñ the SIM Pro lets you do that.

The SIM Pro is 100% premium Yamamoto neoprene from Japan.Ê We use Yamamoto #39 SCS coated neoprene in varying thicknesses and use Yamamoto's Aerodome neoprene on the centerline (front and back).Ê #39 is a long-time favorite in premium triathlon suits and offers an excellent balance of performance and cost.Ê SCS is Yamamoto's proprietary hydrophobic surface coating.Ê Aerodome is a sandwiched neoprene that contains a perforated layer between two solid layers.Ê This composition traps air inside little chambers and improves buoyancy while reducing weight.ÊÊ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the difference between the SIM Pro and the SIM Elite?

There are two main differences:

  1. TheÊSIMÊPro uses the same pattern and materials as the Maverick Pro Fullsuit, while the Elite usesÊour Elite pattern. The Pro uses slightly more flexible material and a slightly nicer liner. Because of this, when an athlete is between sizes we recommend that they size down if they are getting the SIM Pro and size up if they are getting the SIM Elite.
  2. The Pro has rotational speed stripes (RS2) to add centerline buoyancy which helps the suit get out of your way for side-to-side rotation in the water.

Q: Can I wear the SIM in a race?

  • The SIM is considered by USAT rules to be the same as a wetsuit. Therefore, you may wear the SIM in a race where wetsuits are permitted, but you may not wear it in a non-wetsuit race.

Q: Can I wear the SIM in the pool?

  • Yes, absolutely. ÊThe SIM was designed for pool swimming. ÊWe've never had one returned for chlorine damage either. ÊJust rinse it with fresh water after use and hang dry inside out. Ê


30 Day Return & Exchange Policy

Return anything you've purchased within 30 days of receipt of the item for a full refund or exchange (excluding shipping).

Read more about returns and exchanges, here.

Care Instructions

The SIM is a performance product, and like competitive swimsuits, it may deteriorate over time.

We can't control how your pool guy chlorinates the pool, but here are some tips:

      • Rinse in cold fresh water after each use
      • Hang dry thoroughly (you can knot the drawcord and hang it from that, inside out)
      • Do not iron or put in a washer/dryer
      • If you soil the suit somehow you can hand wash with mild soap or use our wetsuit shampoo.

The liner of the suit may discolor over time, just like a synthetic swimsuit.Ê This should not affect the performance of the fabric.

If you need help with your SIM or have a question about a return or a warranty issue, please Contact Us.


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