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Women's Elite Aero Sleeveless Tri Suit

This one-piece women's sleeveless tri suit is designed to provide the optimal balance of aerodynamics, function, and comfort for triathlons of any distance, from sprint to full iron distance. It's available in eight sizes (including talls) in a tight and compressive race fit. Made in the USA.

Performance Textiles

The Elite Aero Sleeveless Tri Suit is crafted with premium textiles, trims and hardware. The base textile in the chest, shoulders, back and legs is a premium, textured knit from Italy that has been worn to victory in the Tour de France and proven in the wind tunnel to offer excellent aerodynamics, stretch and support.

The textile paneled through the core and front panel is a premium Schoeller Eschler knit with a carbon cage design that provides support and all-day comfort, without putting too much pressure on your stomach, which can be uncomfortable over a full-distance race.

We've strategically paneled premium and highly aerodynamic Schoeller Eschler mesh in the chest and back to help thermoregulation – keeping the body cooler on hot days. The suit is treated with Schoeller Coldblack®, which has been proven to reflect sun and reduce heat build-up in dark fabrics. A laser cut, high-stretch trim with integrated elastic was placed on the leg, arm and neck openings to help secure your suit in place, to diffuse pressure for improved comfort, and to help prevent the dreaded sausage leg.

Functional Design

Designed by triathletes for triathletes, we sought to design garments that are fast and highly functional. Not only can you train and race comfortably for hours in the suit, but also we've considered the inevitable pit stop. A custom #3 YKK zipper pull and a separating "decoupled" long front zipper make it easy to unzip mid-race for quick pit stops or to roll the suit down to the waist under a wetsuit or swimskin for the swim, as some pros prefer.

Dual powermesh pockets are placed off the spine for comfort and canted at an angle for easier access on the bike and run. They hold a very solid amount of nutrition or other special needs gear and are large and strong enough to hold securely a 5 oz. EFS gel flask or even a larger 7 oz. Fuel Belt flask.

We use a premium, single-density Italian chamois from Elastic Interface® (CyTech), which provides optimum protection against chafing while offering total freedom of movement and excellent fit. A soft, carbon knit top sheet has been proven in the market for several years and offers sufficient padding on the bike without feeling like you are running with a diaper. Athletes have won numerous full distance Ironmans on this chamois, so please note that with a proper bike fit, you should not need a large, thick chamois for a triathlon. We strongly recommend getting a professional bike fit; it's worth the investment. Just say no to Triathlon Diaper Butt!


We have very limited production of this style. If your size is sold out, we will have additional production later this fall.

Please also note that because of the highly textured material, mesh, exposed pockets and front zipper, we do not recommend swimming in this suit without a wetsuit or swimskin over it. The fabric is not coated to repel water, and you will be much faster with a swimskin or wetsuit. We are certain that time saved on the swim will outweigh the few seconds you trade-off in transition at T1.

Care Instructions

Our triathlon apparel is made with the finest performance materials. Here are some tips to improve its longevity:

  • Rinse in cold water with mild detergent.
  • Hang dry only.
  • Do not iron or put in a dryer.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, return it within 30 days of receipt and in saleable condition for a refund or like-for-like exchange.

If on receipt of your product, you are uncertain about your purchase please keep your product in the original packaging until you have decided whether or not you wish to keep it. All returns should be in ‘as new’ condition, both unwashed and unworn.

Read more about returns and exchanges, here.


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