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Women's Maverick Pro II Wetsuit

Triathlon Wetsuit



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Product Overview

Designed to be smarter and faster than the competition, it’s called the Maverick for a reason. The Maverick Pro II benefits from the evolutionary Arms Up construction that debuted on the Maverick X to increase mobility and decrease shoulder fatigue. The Maverick Pro II also features our new Independent Neck Suspension panel designed to increase comfort and flexibility. The foundational pillars that defined the previous Maverick Pro remain, including our patented centerline buoyancy construction, which enhances buoyancy where you need it and removes it where it gets in the way.

Born from frustrations with the current wetsuit market, the Maverick is different by design. Three decades of elite swim coaching and training taught us there was a better way to build a wetsuit. We threw away the playbook and rebuilt the triathlon wetsuit from the ground up, to enable, rather than hinder, proper form and technique. Now, our athletes won’t line up without one. Give it a try, and neither will you.

  • Buoyancy Profile: 1:3:5
  • Arms Up design increases mobility and decreases shoulder fatigue
  • Neoprene Surface Finish: 100% Yamamoto SCS
  • Arms, Shoulder, Chest & Back Panels: 1.5mm Yamamoto SCS #40
  • Premium Stretch & Comfort Liners: Yes
  • RS2 Buoyancy Panels: Yes; 5mm Yamamoto SCS Aerodome down centerline, 1.5mm Yamamoto SCS #39 on sides
  • Core Stability Panels: 3mm Yamamoto SCS #39
  • Hip and Leg Panels: 5mm Yamamoto SCS #39 with 1.5mm side panels
  • Independent Neck Suspension: 1.5mm Yamamoto SCS #40
  • Quick Release Ankle Panels: Yes
  • Ultralight stretch-woven textile forearm


Fastest Body Position
Ultimate Flexibility
More Power, Faster Rotation
Core Stability
Maximum Feel for the Water


In the Maverick Pro we use only the very best neoprene in the world from the Yamamoto Corporation, which is located in Japan.  Yamamoto neoprene is limestone-based and has a different cell structure than the more commonly used petroleum-based neoprenes from Taiwan and Korea. It is stretchier, returns to form better, and offers an excellent insulation-to-weight ratio. Yamamoto makes a variety of neoprene types, and we use a few different ones (for different reasons) in varying thicknesses, in our suits.  We also use different nylon and polyester liners on the inside of the suit to balance stretch, water absorption and support.


The forearms of the Maverick Pro are a premium stretch-woven textile from Italy that's used in olympic swimming suits. The woven textile provides more strength and natural compression than a traditional knit fabric, and this results in more durability and performance for you.  The purpose of the textile forearm is to maximize proprioception — or feel — in the water.  Swimming fast is all about feel for the water, and strategically placed textile is better than plain or coated neoprene.


Our wetsuit uses a low cut neck to seal out water but prevent choking/constriction.  We still recommend using Body Glide or TriSlide as best practice to eliminate chafing.  Our neck line uses Yamamoto #40, an extra little attention to detail, to maximize stretch and comfort.


The ankle panels of our suit use a 2mm panel at the base of the leg to help you kick your heel out of the suit in T1.  You might not notice a difference in a changing room with a dry suit, but when you are at speed in T1, your suit  will come off very easily. Our ankle panels are heat taped for durability and to allow you to cleanly shorten the leg, as needed.


These size charts are a guide. Once you get your suit, please try it on.  We have a 30-Day Return Policy, so you're covered.

Fit Tips:

  • Neoprene wetsuits will be slightly looser in the water. Even if your suit feels tight on land, it may feel right in the water.
  • Neoprene can stretch a little bit more when warmed up.
  • If you fit more than one size, sizing down will give you a tight fit and you should expect to take 10-12 minutes to put the suit on properly.
  • The suit should feel tight, but if it constricts your breathing or restricts shoulder movement in the water, then you need to size up.
  • Expect to have someone help you zip the suit up. Needing help with the zipper is a sign of a performance fit.
  • Use the pads of your fingers to avoid fingernail tears.

Size Chart Notes:

  • If you are in between sizes, we recommend you go up a size.
  • The Maverick Elite has a different size chart, which is available on that product page.


30 Day Return & Exchange Policy

Return anything you've purchased within 30 days of receipt of the item for a full refund or exchange (excluding shipping).

Read more about returns and exchanges, here.


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