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Gwen Jorgensen
2016 Olympic Gold Medalist

Tim Reed
2016 IRONMAN® 70.3 World Champion

Holly Lawrence
2016 IRONMAN® 70.3 World Champion

Flora Duffy
2016 ITU WTS World Champion
2016 Xterra World Champion
2016 ITU Cross Triathlon World Champion

Our Athletes

We are proud to sponsor the best triathletes in the world.  ROKA pros have a combined 12x ITU World Championships, 4x Xterra Off-Road World Championships, 6x Ironman 70.3 World Championships, 4x ITU Long Distance World Championships, 4x Olympic Medals (including one gold), 4x Hy-Vee 5150 Elite Cup Championships, 5x Challenge Roth wins, 6x Wildflower wins, and over 60 combined Ironman & Ironman 70.3 wins.

In 2016, ROKA sent 18 athletes from eight countries to the Summer Olympics in Rio. Gwen Jorgensen took home Gold for the USA, and Vicky Holland took home bronze for Great Britain.

Olympic Distance

Javier Gomez

Javier Gómez

5x ITU World Champion
Olympic Silver Medalist
Ironman 70.3 World Champion
Xterra World Champion

Gwen Jorgensen

2016 Olympic Gold Medalist
2x ITU World Champion
17x ITU WTS Winner

Vicky Holland

2016 Olympic Bronze

Emma Moffatt

2x ITU World Champion
Olympic Bronze Medalist
3x Olympian
2x Hy-Vee Champion
5x ITU WTS Champion

Mario Mola Díaz

2x Olympian
7x ITU WTS Wins
2x ITU WTS Overall Runner-up
2009 Junior World Champion
Katie Hursey Joe Maloy Tommy-Zaferes

Katie Zaferes

2016 Olympian
WTS Champion

Joe Maloy

2016 Olympian
Escape from Alcatraz Champion
USAT National Champion

Carolina Routier

2016 Olympian
Most Dominant Female
Swimmer in ITU with 17x WTS FOTWs

Ashleigh Gentle

2016 Olympian
3x ITU WTS Podiums
ITU Junior World Champion

Tommy Zaferes

Ironman and Half Ironman (70.3) Distance

Mel Hauschildt Julie Dibens Rachel Joyce Laura Bennett

Linsey Corbin

5x Ironman Champion
IM American Record Holder
4x Ironman 70.3 Champion

Melissa Hauschildt

2x 70.3 World Champion
ITU LC World Champ

Julie Dibens

70.3 World Champ &
3x Xterra World Champ

Rachel Joyce

4x Ironman Champion
2013 & 2015 Kona Runner-Up
ITU LC World Champ

Laura Bennett

2x US Olympian
2x 70.3 Champion
Jimmy Johnsen
Jesse Thomas
Christian Kemp Meredith Kessler Liz Lyles

Jimmy Johnsen

Ironman Champion

Jesse Thomas

2x Ironman Champion
6x Wildflower Champion
70.3 Champion

Christian Kemp

Ironman 70.3 Champion

Meredith Kessler

8x Ironman Champion
Over 50 Ironman Finishes

Liz Lyles

Ironman & 70.3 Champion
Amy Marsh Brandon Marsh Callum Millward Tim Reed
Patrick Evoe

Amy Marsh

4x Ironman Champion

Brandon Marsh

1st Out of the Water
2013 Ironman WC Kona

Callum Millward

Ironman 70.3 Champion

Tim Reed

7x Ironman 70.3 Champion

Patrick Evoe

Ironman Champion
Emily Cocks Jordan Rapp

Emily Cocks

Jordan Rapp

Ironman Champion
ITU Long Distance World Champion