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How to install your replacement lenses.

Use these step-by-step instructions to complete your lens replacement. Find the video below that corresponds with your sunglasses.

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Dual Lens Sunglasses

  1. Hold frames facing away from you. Pop out lens from upper corner above nose pad.

  2. To replace your lens. Start with a frame facing you.

  3. Line up the edge of the lens into the top groove of the frame.

  4. Apply pressure above the nose pad and work around the frame.

  5. Once you hear lenses pop in, check to make sure everything is in place.

CP/SR Sunglasses

  1. Begin by holding the center frame rim and pull up.

  2. For the SR, pinch the nose piece together and pull down.

  3. For the CP, remove the bottom lens rocker by pulling the frame away from the side of the lens.

  4. Then pull the center nose piece away from the lens.

  5. Line the nose pad notches with the groves in the rocker or nose piece and snap into place.

  6. For CP, make sure the corners of the bottom frame are clicked into place.

  7. Take the top frame and align the outer tabs into the grooves on each side.

  8. Snap everything into place and make sure everything is secure.

Gp/SL Sunglasses

  1. Face your frame toward you and remove arms by rotating the temples down.

  2. For the SL, pinch the nose piece together and pull down.

  3. For GP pull the corners of the frame off the hooks on the lens.

  4. To reinstall, work backwards. Line up nose piece notches with the frame and snap into place.

  5. Re-hook the GP frame onto the lens hooks.

  6. Attach temples by guiding the lens tab into the outer frame slot and rotate the temple arm into the notch until it attaches securely.

  7. Make sure the tab is all the way into the groove before rotating upward.

  8. Check everything that everything is in place.

MATADOR Sunglasses

  1. Hold the frame firmly at the nose piece and top center rim and pull up the two in opposite directions.

  2. Work the lens out of the corner of the frame.

  3. To put in your new lens, align the notches with the bottom frame and snap into place.

  4. Work the lens into the corners and line up the top edge.

  5. Press down to snap the frame together.

  6. Check that everything is securely in place.

MATADOR AIR Sunglasses

  1. Hold frame by nose piece and top center rim. Pull the frame up.

  2. Pinch the nose piece together and pull down to release from lens.

  3. To swap in the new lens, attach the nose piece first, line up the three notches and push into place.

  4. Hook the lens back into the grooves for each temple and align the rest of the grooves into the top rim.

  5. Snap everything into place and make sure it feels snug.