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Designed and optimized for athletes seeking an unobstructed field of view and maximum ventilation.
ROKA C3™ optics are more than just a lens. We design for performance in real world conditions. The advanced coatings we use are applied in an ultra clean manufacturing process that ensures quality, consistency. Each coating is applied, cured, and tested for purpose built performance and transmission. Each lens is coated, custom built for the "as worn" position and cut to specific geometry. These aren't blanks bought and cut in bulk to fit whatever style the market might want. 

Critical performance coating include front and back-side hydroleophobic coatings to keep moisture of any kind from sticking on the lens; front and back-side anti-scratch protection; a multi-layer anti-reflective back-side coating; an anti-fog coating on the back of the lens; and a multi-layer mirror coating or polarization film. 

We don't cut corners on coatings that are mission critical to performance and quality to save dollars.
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