ROKA Softshell Cycling Jacket

ROKA Repair Shop

We'll get you back on the road

We offer a comprehensive, free repair service for all cycling apparel.

This includes:

  1. Products outside our 30 day return policy, whether it was a manufacturing fault or not,
  2. Products that have been worn (a lot or a little), and
  3. Products damaged in a crash or accident.  
The goal of this program is to repair a damaged garment to a functional state to get you back on the road.  This service may include replacing broken hardware (zippers, snaps, etc), restitching a blown seam, or mending holes/rips/tears in fabric. After the job is complete, evidence of repair may exist, including visible stitch lines from mending small holes by hand.  Some cosmetic or other minor battle scars may not be repaired to a like new condition, depending on the circumstances, such as the scuffing of a graphic mesh panel.  We reserve the right to refuse repair if the garment is unlaundered, wet, moldy, or irreparable due to staining or other damage, but we will offer an alternative resolution where possible. Repairs can take up to four weeks from the date we receive the returned items. All repairs are done in-house at our headquarters in Dallas, Texas USA.

Shipping Details

For inquiries about repairs, please contact us at