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The Fastest Wetsuits on the Planet

2017 ISPO Award WinnerISPO Award Winner220 Triathlon - Editor's Choice

The Original Maverick Pro wetsuit redefined the performance standard with its radically different, patented design and became the most sought after triathlon wetsuit. The Maverick X followed, and changed everything once again. The revolutionary Arms-Up construction liberated athletes to swim without restriction in a way no other triathlon wetsuit on the planet could.

Never satisfied, we diffused the technologies of the Maverick X to the rest of our patented Maverick Wetsuit collection. The new Maverick Pro II and Maverick Elite II now feature the Arms Up construction originally designed for the Maverick X. The Maverick Comp was upgraded to 100% SCS Nano-coated Yamamoto neoprene, rounding out a collection that offers the best performance and value at every price point.

The design DNA of our original wetsuit remains, including our patented smart buoyancy construction, enhancing buoyancy, power and efficiency where you need it and removing buoyancy where it gets in the way. Designed from the ground up to be faster and smarter than the competition, Maverick wetsuits offer unmatched performance.

Quick Comparison

X Pro II Elite II Comp II
Revolution X "Arms Up" Pattern Yes - All of our wetsuits have our patented Arms-Up technology
Neoprene Composition Yamamoto SCS #40, #39 and Aerodome Yamamoto SCS #40, #39 and Aerodome Yamamoto SCS #39 and #38 and Aerodome Yamamoto SCS #39 and #38
Buoyancy Profile All of our wetsuits have our patent-pending 1:3:5 buoyancy profile with 1.5mm up top, 3mm in the core, and 5mm in the hips and legs.  This puts you in the fastest body position possible.
Premium Liner Materials Ultra-premium liner in shoulders, arms, and armpits for maximum flexibility. Ultra-premium liner in shoulders and arms with high-stretch liner in armpits. High-stretch liner in shoulders, arms, and armpits.
Support Taping and Compression Liners Strategically placed IXI™ support taping and core compression liners improve rotation and alignment. -
Body Positioning Panels Expanded RSX panel on outside of hips and legs maximizes power transfer and enhances fit. 5mm Aerodome centerline panel. RS2 panel on outside of hips and legs encourages proper hip rotation. 5mm Aerodome centerline panel. 5mm Yamamoto Aerodome centerline panel. 5mm Yamamoto centerline panel only.
SCS Nano Coating Yes Yes Yes Yes
Quick Release Ankle Panels Yes Yes Yes Yes
Low Profile Neck Yes Yes Yes Yes
Independent Neck Suspension Panel Yes Yes Yes Yes
Forearm Panel Ultralight stretch-woven panel Ultralight stretch-woven panel Standard neoprene panel Standard neoprene panel
Premium Materials All of our suits use the same premium YKK zipper, heat tape, glue and thread.  These are handmade, glue and blindstitch suits with incredible attention to detail.  For finishing, we use proprietary stretch inks that resist cracking and environmental degradation.

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