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What do your loved ones love to do? What’s on your horizon in 2022? Use our Gift Guide to pick out the perfect ROKA gifts for yourself or the cyclists, triathletes, or everyday challenge seekers in your life.

Holiday Gift Guide

Adventurer Mountains Collection


The Adventurer

If scenic hikes, grueling backpacking trips, and afternoons above treeline sound like your adventurer, these are our go-to’s for their alpine endeavors.

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Phantom Ti Sunglasses

Phantom Ti

The Adventurer

Cut down on glare and weight with these ultralight aviators (only 20 grams). And with our GEKO™ grips, you won't have to worry about them slipping off during creek crossings or alpine traverses.

Lockhart Eyeglasses


The Adventurer

You don’t want to put contact lenses in with grubby fingers somewhere in the backcountry. But a pair of trusty glasses always makes for an excellent choice while hiking.

Eyeglasses Case


The Adventurer

Throw it in your pack and go. Store your sunglasses quickly and confidently with any of our cases and make sure that the unpredictable is accounted for.



The Adventurer

From deep-sea fishing to running on the beach to all things salt and sand, gift your sea-faring adventurers the right sunglasses and glasses to keep them focused and comfortable during their time in the sun.

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Adventurer Ocean Collection

TL Series

The Adventurer

Whether they’re a die-hard volleyball devotee or they like those long beach runs, these TL-1 sunglasses can keep up with anything. Dive and run all you want, these aren’t going anywhere.

TL Series Sunglasses


The Adventurer

Deep-sea sight. Inspired by the shores and ocean around the big island of Hawaii these frames are perfect for cutting down the glare and staying comfortable on the water.

Kona Sunglasses


The Adventurer

Give the gift of vision with a pair of glasses designed to help your adventurer accomplish more. From runs on the beach to evening bonfires, these glasses were built to do it all.

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Lola Eyeglasses
Cyclist Concrete Collection


The Cyclist

For them, speed and distance come easy. Get your road cyclist into the gear they need to train, race, and stay focused.

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Custom Matador

Matador, Custom


The perfect fusion of speed and precision, our Matador Custom sunglasses are designed to help maximize your vision on any ride. Design them to match your cyclist’s kit, bike, or vibe.

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Prescription Sun SR-1x

SR-1x, Prescription Sun

The Cyclist

Our SR-1x offers premium lenses, powerful innovations, and one of the widest fields of view available in a pair of advanced performance prescription sunglasses. Perfect for any rider needing some corrective lenses.

Hunter Eyeglasses


The cyclist

Winner of Bicycling’s Gear of the Year, our Hunter prescription glasses stay locked in place for everything from sweaty indoor trainer rides to grinding out long days in the saddle.

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The Cyclist

Whether they’re tackling trails or dirt roads, nothing is slowing them down. Help them gear up for their next gravel ride or backcountry escape.

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Cyclist Dirt Colleciton

Gp-1x, Custom

The Cyclist

Match their kit or match their bike. With a full shield lens and specialty design, our GP-1x was engineered to help protect eyes from ground debris—making it perfect for any rock-prone rider.

Custom GP-1x Sunglasses


The Cyclist

Big field of view meets big personality. Our Torinos merge classic stylings with cutting-edge innovations to give you the clarity and comfort to tackle any challenging descent or leg-burning climb.

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Torino Sunglasses

Accessory Lens

The Cyclist

Our HC Ion Mirror Lens pops trail features and increases contrast on overcast days—perfect for rounding out any rider’s arsenal of eyewear options.

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Accessory Lens
Weekender Earns Collection

Rise & Grind

The Weekender

Just because they left at 6 AM doesn’t mean they’re going to get a spot in line for brunch. They’re going to put in the work first thing this weekend. Get this person everything they need to show up looking/feeling their best—even after hours on the bike/at the gym.

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Mallorca Sunglasses


The Weekender

Packed with undercover performance features, our Mallorca frames are perfect for those outdoor gym sessions and post-workout hangouts.

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Zilker Sunglasses


The weekender

Laid back, classic style meets untold performance potential. These unassuming frames can hang with your strongest days in the gym and your most relaxed days elsewhere.

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Zilker Sunglasses

Utility Pack

The weekender

Featuring a water-resistant pocket perfect for storing gym clothes and thoughtfully designed compartments throughout the pack, the Utility Pack is the perfect companion for anyone looking to maximize their time jumping from activity to activity.

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The weekender

For them, there are no off days. Sweat and achievement are all part of how they reset for the week ahead. And they’re going to fit as much activity and adventure into 48 hours as humanly possible. No rest for the awesome.

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Weekender Jampacked


The weekender

Ready for anything, our popular Barton frames can keep up with everything from morning trail runs to afternoons at the park to evening barbecues.

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Barton Sunglasses

Collins, RISE

The Weekender

Want to get up feeling refreshed and renewed? Our Rise collection features blue-blocking tech to help you wind down your evenings and stay on top of your sleep so you can hit the ground running Saturday morning.

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Collins Rise
Overworked Athlete Collection

Burnout Beater

The Overworked

They’ve only got a few minutes to get out and get after it between video conference calls. But they’re not going to let that stop them. Gift eyewear designed to help them shift from work to play to work out in no time at all.

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Rory Eyeglasses


The Overworked

Help them stay spontaneous even while they’re working from home. Our Booker RX frames are perfect for pickup games of tag with the kiddos or crushing their meeting schedule. Upgrade to photochromic and they’ll be ready for a quick afternoon jog as well.

Oslo Sunglasses

Cade, rise

The Overworked

These blue-blocking non-prescription glasses are perfect for helping your overworked athlete wind down for the evening. Blocking blue light at night can help increase quality of sleep and rest.


Daily Commuter

The overworked

Putting in the hours also means putting in the miles. And getting them into versatile glasses and sunglasses means more comfort and confidence for their ride in. Gift them the right frames to help transition from saddle to desk in the blink of an eye.

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Overworked Athlete Zoom Collection


The overworked

Perfect for riding, running, or simply crushing your time at the office, our Rory RX frames are the ideal gift for athletes on the go who need a versatile pair of glasses to help them accomplish anything.

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Cade Rise


The overworked

These frames boast undercover performance features to help lock in your fit for quick maneuvering through traffic and plenty of style for after-work drinks

Booker Eyeglasses
Triathlete Getting Started Collection

Just Getting Started

The Triathlete

Signing up for their first sprint? Help them stay on top of their goals with a foundation of gear built to keep them confident and comfortable in the water.

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Maverick Wetsuits

Maverick Wetsuit

The Triathlete

Our not-so-entry-level wetsuit is made with premium materials and cutting-edge innovations to help athletes move through the water with confidence and speed.

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R1 Goggles

R1 Goggle

The Triathlete

When you’re just starting in the water, sighting buoys and swimming straight is one of the hardest things to do. Our award-winning goggle with Rapidsight™ tech is designed to allow you to see without interrupting your stroke—helping mitigate inexperience and create confidence during the swim.

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Transition Pack

Transition Pack

The Triathlete

With a wetsuit-compatible compartment and ample storage, the transition pack is designed to bridge the gap between your triathlete’s training and everyday life.

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Veteran Competitor

The Triathlete

Isn't their first. Definitely won’t be their last. Gift them the gear they need to stay ahead of the pack. Run, bike, or swim.

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Triathlete Veteran Competitor Collection

Tri Suit

The Triathlete

ROKA engineering. Cutting edge fabrics. Aerodynamic optimization. If your triathlete needs to level up their racing kit, look no further. Give them a tri suit and help elevate their race day.

Tri Suits

Matador AIR

The Triathlete

Perfect for the ride and run, our elite Matador AIR sunglasses maximize airflow and minimize weight to keep you feeling fast and seeing clear no matter the conditions.

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Matador Air

Maverick X2

The Triathlete

Add the most innovative, fastest wetsuit ever to your Triathlete’s arsenal. With ARMS-UP™ construction, strategic core compression, and an optimized buoyancy profile, you’ll really be giving the gift of speed.

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Maverick Wetsuits
Digital Gift Card


Sometimes it’s hard to pick out the exact right piece of gear. Put the power in your giftee’s hands. Give a gift card and allow your loved ones to find the right color, size, or frame for them. You can’t go wrong.